1965 Ford Mustang Wheels

In 1965 was when the first Ford Mustang was debuted. Who would of thought how popular the car would of became. The first style of Mustang Wheel to be introduced came in a 5 star variety. It was not a true 5 star rim because it kind of had a honey comb effect but it was not that bad for 1960 standards. The 1965 OEM Ford Mustang wheels were 14 inches in diameter. You could get them in 14 x 6 or 14 x 7. Some other options you had were to get hub caps. Back in the day they were not so bad to have. Nowadays people can't stand to have them on their cars. Its more of a headache than anything. Many Ford Mustang owners prefer the look of a Crager SS or Bullitt Mustang Wheel because of the clean and powerful look it gives to their classic car. Here are a couple photos of the style of oem Mustang wheels from 1965.

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